Brand History

Sancho Garcés II, King of Pamplona and Count of Aragón inspired the name of the brand. Sancho II, nicknamed Abarca, provided his soldiers with a very comfortable, soft and silent shoe when walking called in Spain “abarcas” and thus his army could approach stealthily to attack the enemy.

That strategy was simple and effective in helping his army win many battles at the end of the 10th century. The Sancho Abarca brand grew strongly and rapidly in the market, soon becoming the largest and most important Spanish footwear corporation. At first the company was specialized in military boots for European armies. The Sancho Abarca factory is currently a competitive company that manufactures cowboy, Texan, urban and biker style boots. The Goodyear Welted construction makes the boots an almost unbreakable piece, since it was the one used by American cowboys to be able to change the soles and heels and that the basic structure of the boot would be maintained and last for many years. The boots of our brand Sancho Abarca are manufactured entirely in Spain.

Sancho Abarca – back to the roots

Company History

Good news for the worldwide community of SANCHO fans. The cult lifestyle brand for men and women outside the conventional single-seater will continue as SANCHO ABARCA. Sancho Abarca is tradition, authenticity and craftsmanship. quality hand stitched boots: Sancho Abarca – back to the boots. In 1947 a group of unemployed workers from different broken shoe companies in Spain made the decision to save their jobs and the industry of their town. After years of civil war, many citizens were forced into exile or decided to go to big cities in search of work. In general, the Spanish economy was collapsed and the country was broken. But this group of workers collectively set up an industrial cooperative shoe factory and this was the beginning of the Sancho Abarca boots. His effort and hard work saved the economy of his town, employing more than 1,000 workers. Its facilities included a barbershop, its own supermarket and a private nursery. Sancho Abarca was the first footwear company to export and provide its employees with social rights such as medical insurance.

100% original
100% genuine

Manufacturing System

The reputation of our boots is recognized by the selection of leather and other top quality materials, the craftsmanship of the workforce and the good fit of the last. All this over time has meant the opening of markets abroad. Today the product can be found throughout Europe, Russia, Japan and the United States.

At Sancho Abarca we are true lovers of boots, of the romanticism of their more traditional manufacture, of the good know-how of this brand that stands out for being faithful to its principles such as prioritizing the quality of its raw materials and taking care of every detail of its manufacture.

Quality boots since 1947

These are your Sancho Abarca Boots.

These boots are not only made for walking.

These boots are made for traveling the world.

These boots are made for living your dreams.

These boots are forever.

Love them, live them.

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